Wireless Home Theater vs Wired – What’s Your Choice?

Is there a big advantage when choosing a wireless home theater set up over wired? It is a question which is being asked more and more today as technology makes rapid inroads into the bradenton area of entertainment.

Keep in mind the wireless option is still relatively new and a long way from being perfected so making comparisons between your two could present a lop-sided argument.

Wireless vs. Wired

Wireless home theater is the ideal scenario, let’s not kid ourselves. It’s especially well suited for established set ups as a result of it’s convenience. We are moving into a world of hands free technology and because it’s such a personal thing, it is really an area of the home where many people spend most of their time.

So what would be the pros and cons of wireless speaker systems opposed to the wired versions. Here’s are go through the benefits and drawbacks of both:

Wireless Speaker Systems

The advantage is clear. Lack of wiring to concern yourself with. Easy set up and able to adapt to both an existing entertainment set up in waiting. The create aspect is a huge benefit with many systems basically launched out of the package.

The disadvantage is the lack of sound quality. Even though this is changing rapidly, there is still enough complaints being made in reviews both on and offline to suggest audio quality is still a problem. The most typical complaint seems to be humming and hissing sounds plus insufficient sound level.

Wired Speaker Systems

Decreasing disadvantage is wire clutter. Unsightly cabling presents not really a problem of untidiness but also is a drawback in your community of locating technical problems. Setup could also be thrown in being a disadvantage but limited to the totally non-technical.

The advantage of course is superior performance. That’s understandable given they’ve had a huge headstart over their wireless cousins in terms of development. But home theater enthusiasts can be a picky bunch and wireless home theater may be put on reserve for a little while yet.

Just thought you may well be interested in reading this guide: home theater set up and home theater wiring.

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