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Life everyday in the house can be full of struggles for some especially with all of the economic issues going around. Normal people generally have tons of bills to pay which is why they need to work so hard to afford them all and make sure that they don’t have any increasing debts to pay.

It would be really great if some of the bills can be trimmed down to size, but many of the bills like cell phone bills, cable bills, internet bills, and other expenses require far too much sacrificing and while there are people that really do try to save as much cash as they can, they often find themselves discontented with their limitations.

However, your electricity bill is one area where you could be saving cash. You can unplug appliances when not in use and take other measures to reduce this cost, but this will only get you so far and if the members of your household aren’t all on the same page, these efforts can become a Sisyphean task indeed.

The answer isn’t necessarily to use less electricity, but to get it from clean, renewable alternative power technologies. You can reduce the amount of energy you buy from your local utility company and you may even be able to replace all of this electricity with power you can generate yourself!

Two of the most popular alternative sources of energy are wind energy and solar power. Solar power is pretty common these days and its benefits have been talked about a lot in the past. However, wind energy is something that many households do not take advantage of because they think that they need big wind generators for them to work.

In fact, all you really need is a few small wind turbines which you can install on your roof. The materials you’ll need can easily be acquired online or at your local scrap yard at a low cost.

Properly installed wind turbines on your rooftop can work extremely well during windy days and can energy a number of devices giving you some independence to your normal source or electricity. This should significantly reduce your electric bills when used every day.

The results are even better if you create many wind turbines as the power generation can be much greater in groups. Wind turbines generate electricity from the kinetic power of the wind turning their rotors. Unlike solar panels, a wind turbine continues to generate power even at night, which can be stored and used as needed.Wind turbines may not work for every homeowner, but even those with a rooftop to mount their turbines on in a densely populated urban area will find these turbines to produce a significant savings on their electricity bills.

Wind power can be put into use at a low cost and with relative ease, allowing users to have access to all of the electrical power they need, even on a tight budget.

This article is brought to you by George Zalcman. George Zalcman has always had a passion for green technologies, and believes that we should all get on the boat before natural resources become limited. George Zalcman is part of an air to water technology hoping that this will eventually bring an end to the water crisis as well.

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