Where Did The Rubbish Skip Come From?


Where did the Rubbish Skip come from? Rubbish skips are an item of equipment that over the years have become widely used. Whether you are considering skip hire in Tameside, skip hire in Macclesfield, or skip hire in Hemel Hempstead, skips are available throughout the UK. skip hire, Wirral A rubbish skip is known by many names and is often called a skip, a dumpster, a waste skip or a skip bin. Any of these words usually describe the large open-topped container we all know to be used for our household waste or construction debris. So who actually invented the waste skip? Well, it was Richard Biffa who introduced the rubbish skip to the UK. skip hire in Bath The waste management entrepreneur was born in England in 1939 and founded the National Association of Waste Disposal Contractors. The waste management industry began to develop following World War II until it became a professional service used by many. This was due to the amount of building debris that was scattered all over London following the bombings during the war – it had to be disposed of effectively. roll on roll off skip Coventry An appropriate method of managing the removal of this was waste was desperately needed, and what better way than by large containers that hold a large amount of waste and are easily transferable. Biffa re-designed this container, making it more accessible, and finally introduced it as a waste skip in the 1960’s. Biffa has since established one of the largest waste management businesses in the UK. Nowadays, Biffa’s company and many other waste management professionals now include recycling. This great expansion to the waste management industry ensures that recyclable materials are reused. This reduces energy usage, air pollution and the consumption of original raw materials. Items such as glass, plastics and metal are frequently disposed of and this makes recycling a key component in the waste management process. In fact, skips are available for hire specifically for recyclable goods. This just shows how much the rubbish skip has evolved over the years since its first uses in the UK. Domestic, commercial and industrial waste is frequently disposed of throughout the UK in rubbish skips – they are in high demand.

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