What is a Solar Energy System

With fuel prices rising and effects of fossil fuel pollutants damaging the quality of air that we breathe we need to look for alternate energy sources. A good solution is to build your own solar energy home kit. Our research as shown that earth4energy is the best company for instructions on how to build a solar home energy kit. No matter which company you choose for your solar energy home kit the basic components will remain the same. Solar power is a very effective way of using a naturally occuring resource to generate useable electricity.

The earth4energy solar home energy kit: The Solar Panel

The solar panel is the main component of the solar energy home kit. Basically there are a multitude of sizes and shapes of solar panels available with a self build solar kit you can construct to your preferred dimensions. The construction of the solar panel is very intricate but you basically have a choice of two materials available either

  • Crystalline silicon solar panels
  • Amorphous silicon solar panels.

The function of the solar panel is collecting the energy of the suns rays. As the suns energy is absorbed by the solar panel, the energy causes a movement of electrons from the atoms creating a direct current flow. To convert the direct current produced into user friendly alternating current an invertor is used

Positioning your earth4energy solar energy home kit

To get maximum efficiency from your solar energy home kit, you are going to need to find an appropriate location outside to have your solar panels. To maximise the electricity generated from your solar panel be sure to locate the panel in an area that receives planty of direct sunlight. The quality of build of the solar panel will determine its overall efficiency in terms of electricity production.

As you can see the solar energy home kit is a very simple construction. The earth4energy ebook explains clearly how to build your own solar energy home kit for under $200s. As well as the clear and precise instructions provided by earth4energy program you also receive a full series of step by step videos making the construction process a synch. To save 80% on your energy bills or eliminate your bills entirely with a solar energy home kit checkout our build your own energy system reviews

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