What Home Solar Systems Can Be Used For

There are a lot of different uses for solar systems for homes. Solar panels for home applications can come in two different kinds, those that use the sun’s rays for electrical purposes, and those that are intended to simply heat water. Both systemsallow you to save fair amounts of money in the short period, as well as in the years to come. Solar electric power systems have quite a few positive things. They are able to alleviate some pressure off of using your regular power supply, saving you some money when the sun shines. With sufficient battery back up, you can even have power during the night, or when the regular power supply is down. Many individuals use solar electrical power to completely run their entire residence, completely relying on solar energy.

Solar panels for home use can also heat up your water supply, thus saving you your hard-earned dollars. In colder areas, where the water table temperature is less than 60 degrees, using solar can heat up water to a relatively high ambient temperature. This can result in alleviating some pressure on water boilers, because it doesn’t take as much to make water warm. For temperatures above 60 degrees, and where there is ample sunlight, you should even be able to forget about your boiler completely. Even just heating your shower water can cut your heating costs by 40-60%. As an alternative to solar panels having a photovoltaic cell array, you will be able to utilize those systems that have several pipes running inside their body. When the water passes through, the increase temperature of the water (more or less depending on the kind of piping used). If this water goes through continuously before running into the hot water inlet, it will be much warmer.

Solar panels for your home do a lot more than just heat water and generate electricity. Solar panels help us preserve our planet. For one thing, they utilize energy that is abundant, renewable, and completely free. Producing electricity from the sun doesn’t entail the use of our natural resources, besides, solar panels don’t give off any harmful emanations. Whether you are still connected to the grid, or fully support your energy needs yourself, using solar systems can help minimize your energy consumption. This can alleviate the load on heat and power plants, many of which still use fossil fuels such as black coal and petroleum products to create elecric energy.

With the appropriate solar panel power system in place, not only can it pay back the investment in a short space of time, but it can indeed make you some money. How will it generate additional income for you? If your panel is hooked up to your main power network still, and you produce more electricity than you can use and/or store, the surplus goes directly back into to the main power network. You essentially become a small power generation facility, and according to the law, utilities have to purchase this not-needed energy from you. You should make arrangements initially, but even a few dollars a week is better than receiving nothing at all.

Many people who use solar systems for homes will remain connected to the grid, just to make some money. In closing, not only can solar panels be used to save you dollars on your bills, but can also be turned into an extra source of income.

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