Wedding Consultant, an adaptable Role

A wedding is always going to be a major feat of planning and these days, even a relatively simple wedding can get out of hand and end up costing thousands. It is easy to get hooked into keeping up with modern trends and trying to have everything you see on television. Well, if you are going down that route, why go the whole hog and employ a wedding consultant.


It may not seem logical to add another expense to the list, but have you considered that it could save you money in the long run? Her contacts in the businesses that you will need to deal with will allow her to get you better deals than you would be able to. She will be putting big business their way and they won’t risk losing it.

She can , at the very least, help you to prepare a checklist that you can work from so that you know where to start and when to book the services you will need. And a really good wedding consultant will be able to work with you to come up with something that meets your expectations but stays within your budget.

Whether you are teeming with ideas but can’t make a decision or you just don’t know where to start, your planner can rescue you. The creative input is nice, but what about all the dull details? When you start to list the things that need to be attended to in putting a wedding together, it can be quite overwhelming.

If your budget allows, you can leave everything to your wedding consultant. She will work with her checklist, making sure that everything has been covered and that you are happy, and then you can safely leave her to it. Nothing will be missed out and everything in a timely fashion so that it comes together on the day.

However, the scope of the wedding planning service is flexible, with the level of involvement being reflected in the cost. Obviously it would be great to hand it over to a professional and relieve yourself of the stress, but that is the costliest choice. The couple and the wedding planner can agree on the scope of her role.

There may be some elements of the planning where you would like to take a more hands on approach. Perhaps you have contacts in the catering industry who could help with that side of things. You may be capable of doing most of the practical organization and just use your consultant for creative ideas, choosing a theme, planning decoration etc.

At least, she can help you with a timeline so that you know when to begin the planning and when to arrange the services you will need. Even this much input could be an invaluable contribution to making your wedding day a day that you will remember for all the right reasons.


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