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Whatever the need, whatever the time of year, there is a Troy Bilt blower which is ideal to fit your demands. Troy Bilt Blowers may be used for blowing grass trimmings,dust,grunge, foliage and even snow.

Troy Bilt Leaf Blowers can be gas or electric powered, and corded or cordless. These blowers may be hand-held, rolled or can be worn as a backpack. They are light weight which is especially essential in the case of back pack and snow-blower usage. With no exhaust and no pollutants given off, the health of the user is immediately taken care of. The robust engine includes several built-in guard characteristics such as speed control. . The handles are made to easily oblige both right and left-handed users.

The choice of gas, electrical and cordless styles depends upon the needs of the user when considering the areas and conditions planned for each. Wheel or walk-behind blowers are specially useful for jobs such as hillsides and bigger tracts or for lawns having lots of foliage and debris. Of course, gas powered styles have a larger noise component, but on the other hand, handle more surface area and maintain power much longer than electric and cordless types.

A Troy Bilt Blower is simple to start since they feature a spring-action which requires less physical exertion on the part of the user – ‘one pull does it all’. If needed, easy to follow repair directions and support are available both on-line as well as at approved local Troy Bilt dealerships.

Using the Troy Bilt Gas Powered Blower Vac is very simple. Just read the instructions prior to using the blower on it’s initial run even if you don’t think that you need to. Fixing the blower funnel to the motor is a very simple. It simply snaps on. Having the start directions right on the engine is also a huge benefit because you may often go for many months without using the leaf blower and forget how to start it.  This trouble is wiped out with the handy instructions.

Whatever the need, whatever the time of year, there is a Troy Bilt Blower awaiting your every job and speed!

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