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Purchase way of domestic photo voltaic water heaters:

a single, heat performance, the “average every day efficiency, ” the larger the higher, “heat loss” the reduced the better. im or her.

only two, an extremely important component of household solar water heater could be the all-glass evacuated photo voltaic collector tubes (the actual tubes), machine tube quality directly influences the efficiency of home-based solar water heaters.

(a single) choose carefully observed when the coating on the glass vacuum tube, called solar picky absorbing covering, due to the production procedure for different companies, coating color will change, with the glass batch can happen slight colour differences, but would be the normal collection, usually black, darkish blue or maybe dark grey, the colour of top quality uniform coatings, reverse osmosis water filtration system simply no scratches, no peeling or perhaps shedding occurrence, the particular glass did not stone, or nodules on the phenomenon, supporting the supporting pieces of glass put in correct, not loose.

(some) Buy Note: pipe just isn’t the more coarse the greater, too rough too long, the management regarding water in the void increased heat radiation from outside during the night will be great the next day to enter the task state will be very gradual. GB tube size of 47 mm is more scientific.

Current, China’s Zijin coating invention has been near the theoretical limit, it’s solar absorption ratio (concerning 0. 97) was greater than the country wide standard (0. 86) 11 percent, making China the actual technology continues to solar?? Heat use within the field to maintain the international higher level.

3, home solar hot water heater stent design should be reasonably needs to have sufficient strength, rigidity and resistance to corrosion to make sure long-term adequate load-bearing ability. In the purchase regarding household solar hot water heater should be careful not merely beautiful but also concerned about the stent statement:

(1) stent corrosion resistance assortment; (2) stent design have wind level of resistance, breeze resistance area as small as possible;

(3) support of all the cross on the supporting material and strength.

give consideration to, home-based solar drinking water heaters is very important and reflectors in various forms, you can find flat reflectors, curled reflectors, embossed aluminum.

(just one) in the purchase should focus on perhaps the design involving reflectors can use the machine absorber, the maximum amount of vacuum can be light;

(only two) perhaps the consideration guide the look volume of wind weight (reflection plate may be the product on the wind resistance the biggest segment);

(three or more) to think about the reflector rust resistance.

{5}, acquire household solar hot water heater insulation is essential, generally using reboundable foam, yet many sub-grade polyurethane, the quality varies greatly. Polyurethane foam technology could be the key methods:

(one particular) normal hand space-age foam: This uneven density foam, closed cell level (closed-cell insulation effect level, the lower the worse), inexpensive and short existence;

(only two) reduced pressure foam many times: this could create breaks within insulation, thermal insulation or even silicon carbide fracture prone, poor insulation impact;

(3) a standard foaming force: the particular workshop to be conducted at constant temperatures, the foam equally, subtle, heat the most effective, but costly.

{6}, in the home must also be considered when purchasing in the number of resident population, to be able to determine the size of domestic sun water heaters to buy, the current general to each of 40 instruction 70 liter of hot water in the standard is appropriate, while in developed Point out per capita is actually 150 liters.

7, during purchase but in addition pay attention to water heaters, hot water volume and the volume just isn’t a concept (especially the medial side of the effluent).

Large level of some products, but very little quantity of available water can not partial to listen to how many sales documented out, according to the following calculation formula because of their actual water: the water volume = (out of the bottom outlet to the overflow volume level flow port at the bottom of the length? 2) 2 x a few. 12 x (-2 x along tank insulation thickness) 7, photo voltaic water heater rust and wear inside the tank cannot be repaired after, the buyer must pay attention to the use of material within the tank and welding, the cost and quality vary widely.

9, acquire other components, such as automatic shutoff gadgets, such as temperature and water stage indicator for the selection of the unit should be careful, several features might seem advanced, but in hot water use, reliability is not high, enough time an extended on easy problems.

twelve, domestic solar water heaters service the best choice for primary brands and good after-sales service dealers. As a result of domestic sun water heating units are buyer durables, and is usually installed on the top, the event of a failure, customers themselves is usually difficult, therefore after-sales service must be protected.

Currently in the marketplace cost-free machine warrantee period is generally 1-5 yrs, and is the manufacturer of the product quality in accordance with their own enterprises to develop strength and overall strength of dealers, plus some low-quality products and services to meet consumer enjoy, inches Free lifetime warranty decades, or even “commitment just isn’t possible.

Velocity chain actions: Respect and promotion

Divine Prize and other vehicles you get to vote

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2010 {5} 28 Time? May 29 for the 2010 temperature pump, photo voltaic Fair

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