Thinking About Solar Panels For Your House First Choose Which Sort Is Best For You Then Look For Which Suppliers Offer The Best Deals After Government Subsidies And Energy Buy Back Schemes

There are in effect only two key sorts of solar panel. The less sophisticated kind which simply generate Solar Energy as hot water, and the more technologically advanced sort which create useful amounts of electricity. Both types of system can prove to be cost effective if they have been properly installed, and when you take advantage of state grants which are currently available.

Obviously, the photo-electric kinds of solar panel are more advanced, more costly and perhaps more useful, because it’s possible to use the electricity that they provide for a much wider range of jobs, in addition to the water heating task which is the only thing that the old fashioned panels perform.

Water heating Solar Panels will reduce your energy consumption by providing all or some of your hot water and domestic heating needs. Water heating solar panels supply hot water during the day, and this is easily stored in most household hot water systems, which can used when the family return home in the evenings, and in the mornings. To be sure, there will be heat losses to be suffered in storing the hot water from when it is produced (during the day) until when it is needed (usually in the evenings and early mornings). These losses may be considerable, depending on the efficiency of the system and time between when the water is warmed and when used.

On the other hand, Photovoltaic panels may also produce energy for this purpose, but they can additionally power your domestic appliances such as washing machines etc. Additionally, you can sell any surplus electricity to the national grid at a special price. However, you always pay a higher price for the energy that you buy, than for the electricity that you sell to the grid. For this reason, the power of photo-electric solar panels will be most usefully utilised if you make one or two changes to your daily routine. You can programme your household appliances to run in daylight hours, when they will use free energy. You should also where possible attempt to do any other tasks requiring fair amounts of electric consumption, so that you do them during the day. By doing this, you will maximise your consumption of free energy, and minimise your consumption of bought in energy.

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