Therasage Infrared Heating

Hello everybody: I purchased this heating pad for my left leg lymphedma brought on by radiation and removing of my lymph nodes in my uterus after having Papillary Serous Endometrious Most cancers Stage 4. I hoped the heating pad would make my left hip joint feel higher, however I must need chilly packs. The heating pad gets very hot, which helped some of my fluid to be launched within the left thigh because of having to go to the bathroom.

Therasage is proud to deliver you the world’s largest storefront featuring merchandise with deep penetrating warmth and Unfavourable Ion technology.

Thermal warmth, as emitted by the Solar, comes to us as heat-producing daylight, some that we will see and some that we are able to only feel. That is the heat we really feel penetrating our skin when standing in daylight, and the same heat we recognize by its absence when walking within the shade.

When warmth penetrates through the pores and skin into muscular tissue and ligaments, it transforms from gentle power into warmth energy. The thermal effect can briefly improve native blood circulation and due to this fact promote healing and wellness.

The heating pad is neat for it has rows of spherical jade that emits the heat to your body. The cord that goes into the heating pad does come off easily and you could check the twine in case you are moving around for it comes lose.

I guess I’m looking for a miracle product that can relieve my left hip joint pain…however have not discovered it yet. The pad was very laborious to get, which Amazon was the third place that I did have the product readily available! Being a Prime member, I paid 3.95 and bought it the next day!

This mat does get hot and I use in at nightime to settle down the ache my back. My problem with the mat is that I can by no means get to the fitting level of warmth adjustment. Because it has bars that flash the quantity of heat it’s difficult to get to the precise settings as opposed to if it was simply 1,2,three,4,5. The opposite problem is that the remote goes in on some form of usb connection which retains falling out each time I use it. I find it annoying if I transfer after which understand the connector has fallen out and the heat shuts down. It might be higher if it locked in better or was designed to be just one piece. I would not say it does much more than my $20 heat pad does that I purchased from Walgreen’s.

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