The Reason We Will Need To Get These Tools In Your Home

Working on many of my own projects, I know that the right tool for the job makes all the difference in the world. I have a passion for 12v air compressors, but there are many other tools that you should have around the home. When I was young I saw my parents repairing different parts of the house, I am sure you had very similar experiences. You may have even helped them on occasion not really thinking too much about what they were doing or what tools they were using to do it with. As we get older and get our own homes. Minor repair jobs are all part of moving, it is extremely unusual that you will move into a home where everything is perfect, the sticking door will need to be sanded and the wonky cupboard door will need rehanging. Most of forget that the home repair are now going to be our responsibilities OK now you are suitably scared it is time for the fun part, the tools you should have available. Think for a minute about the tools you will need, keep a list. You may find the following a good starting point


Once you have your tool box the first tool you are going to want to buy is a hammer. There are many different types of hammers but the most useful and versatile hammer to have is what it known as a claw hammer. The claw hammer is a tool that has long wooden or metal handle, a head which is used to hammer nails. The backside of the head is divided. The divided end of the head is used to pull out old nails and nails that you may hammer in crooked. Owning a claw hammer will change your life, the hammer will become one of the most used tools in your tool box. Anything that you need breaking into smaller parts can be t with your hammer, remember to use safety goggles and other safety equipment if you are going to use a hammer. You can use the hammer in your garden and not just in your home. Having a good quality hammer in your tool box is an essential.

Electrical tester

Using an electrical tester will let you know if a socket or wire is carrying an electrical current. Moving electrical sockets or wires in a room can be hazardous so you need to pay particular attention to safety when you are taking on this sort of job. You don’t want to move live wires or poke other tools into outlets that have live electricity running through it. Testers of electricity are not just for safety, if you are not sure why one of your electrical appliances is not working it could be a faulty socket, the tester will check to make sure a current is flowing. When a fuse blows it can be a pain to check the older style cartridge fuses you can use an electrical tester, this is just one more use for this diverse tool. Electrical testers are great safety devices for when you are changing electrical appliances in your home. Before you disconnect the appliance or even touch the wires you need to switch off the circuit breaker, then you need to check there is no electricity running through the wires. The use of the electrical testing equipment will help ensure you have the safest working environment possible.

Vice grips

With 2 jaws that can be opened and closed the vice grip is a clamping tool. The main use for them is to hold an object in position. However this is a diverse tool that lends its self to a number of different jobs such as holding 2 pieces together as they are bonded. There are a number of tools that should be in every households tool box and the grippers are one. Rusted bolts and be a pain, they are almost impossible to remove, if you have a set of vice grips they will increase your chances of getting the blot free so you can replace it. They can also be used to hold pieces of wood that need to be glued together until the glue dries but you need to provide a cushion between the grips and the wood to keep the grips from indenting into the wood. Making running repairs to a hose with the water still on is not easy, you do not want the water running from the hole as you attempt repairs, a grip will temporally clamp the hose preventing the water running to the hole so you can make good the repair.

While there are many more tools you will certainly need for home repairs these standard tools are a great place to get started when building a set of home repair tools.

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