The Pros of Aluminium Gutters

Discerning homeowners know that a fully functioning guttering system is one of the most important things they can do to protect their home and its foundations or cellar from damage by rainwater. Deciding between the many available options including plastic gutters, aluminium gutters, copper gutters and cast iron gutters can be difficult. To varying degrees, these different materials offer their own benefits including affordability, durability or attractiveness. But the consistent winner is aluminium.

Aluminium gutters are increasingly the choice of discerning home owners and designers alike. This is largely because they cost significantly less than some other types of guttering and only a little more than PVC. The savings that can be made on purchasing aluminium rather than other materials are furthered by it’s cheap installation.

One of the biggest advantages of aluminium guttering is the fact that no soldering is required to install it, so a professional’s help isn’t always necessary. As well as hassle free installation, aluminium gutters have the advantage of needing only minimal maintenance. Although they must be cleaned out like any gutter to avoid blockages, they will never corrode like cast iron gutters.

Most ordinary gutters require periodical maintenance to fix leaks which frequently appear on seams and joints. This isn’t a problem with aluminium gutters. This is because aluminium is very malleable and so gutters and downpipes are made from one single tube bent into the desired shape, meaning there are no seams or joins.

As a result of this simple and rare maintenance, aluminium guttering is long lasting. Aluminium can last as long as thirty years; three times more than plastic. It is the long lifespan of aluminium gutters which makes them a sensible investment.

Another great concern of both designers and homeowners is the aesthetics of their property. Sometimes guttering of a certain colour may be preferred to keep a home attractive. Plastics and iron are incredibly difficult to paint whereas aluminium gutters are produced in a variety of colours and can be painted easily should this be necessary. Although they are produced in a variety of colours, aluminium gutters are easily painted, unlike other materials. Paint on aluminium will last much longer than paint on cast iron, which peels quickly.

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