The Many Advantages of Having Lattice Fencing

Modern lattice fences are great for patios, garden walls or spa pens. This containment looks pretty and provides privacy. Get a tighter model if you really like maximum privacy. Compared to the average lattice pattern, the stretched weave can make it a bit hard for people to take a peek of your home.

The open weave style has bigger designs. These may not block the view of your garden completely. But this type of fence looks exquisite. This type of fence is often used in terraces and gardens so vines can climb to the top. There is another design referred to as the topper type. It’s perfect for those who like the looks of lattice and prefer isolation at the same time. This structure is made from long boards and affixed on top of the fence. This can also be used along sun decks or as material for plant boxes.

The spindle lattice fence seems to be very popular among homeowners. It does not contain any crisscross. Spindles produce a vertical pattern making it unique but it does not provide high level of privacy. Unfinished wood is likewise suitable for lattice fencing. Unfinished refers to raw or untreated but high quality wood boards. From here, you can choose any finish you want.

Some of the most common materials are Cedar, Redwood, and Birch. The timber can be painted or stained. It still looks natural even when applied stain or paint. Wooden lattice also has its benefits. One is you can easily add ornamentation to the wood. The material is very affordable. Besides, this is a natural product that’s which is eco-friendly compared with vinyl. Wood could also be a durable material for outdoor use.

Vinyl lattice can be a better option compared to timber. It’s fairly robust. Likewise, options on colours won’t be a problem. The downside of vinyl is that it lacks resistance against mold, mildew, and rotting. It requires regular cleaning and upkeep. Vinyl tends to crack over time and isn’t as eco-friendly as timber.

A lattice fence is great for concealing unpleasing views and makes your abode look more attractive. It can also serve as a shade for your outdoor veranda. This is more economical than using a roof with all inherent benefits that the roofing material provides. Lattice ensures protection against too much sun while keeping a good air flow.
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