The Future Is In Renewing – Go Solar!

Energy coming from natural resources like geothermal heat, rain, tides, sunlight and winds and can be naturally replenished are called renewable energy. As time goes by, technology has made it possible for renewable power to become a growing source of most of the world’s energy needs. Renewable energy systems are now a common sight in many first world countries and are also beginning to become popular with developing countries. And while as most projects concerning renewable energy are usually large scale and most likely seen in urban areas, they are also suitable for rural and remote areas where energy is crucial for human development. What drives research and legislation for renewable energy are concerns about climate change, the rising price of oil and new awareness of environmental issues. Renewable energy has become commercialized and just about anyone can make use of them. So far, the most popular form of renewable power used in most homes is solar energy.

Solar energy as renewable power is most of the time used to replace fuel for power generation, heating and is also being developed to take the form of transport fuel. As mainstream renewable energy, this energy is taken from the sun in the form of radiation. Technology from this energy is usually labeled as active or passive, depending on how they are captured, are converted and how they distribute energy. The active technique to harness this energy is by the use of photovoltaic panels and thermal collectors. The passive technique on the other hand makes use of the orientation of a building towards the sun; the selection of materials with the right thermal mass or the proper light dispersing properties and; the construction of spaces which allow for the natural circulation of air.

During the first decade of this new millennium, the use of renewable energy has really grown. And while as renewable power seems expensive at first, at time goes by, you realize that it becomes cheaper and fossil fuel more expensive. Plus, there are a lot of reasons why you should shell out a bit of money to go for renewable because in the end, you will realize that will have saved more by handing out that money earlier rather than having had go one using fossil fuel. For one thing, once you go renewable you realize that the fuel is free and that the earth, sun and wind will provide you with the fuel you need, which equates to you being provided an unlimited supply of fuel for free. For another, with the constant innovations being done, production for renewable energy systems’ materials will just get cheaper and cheaper. And you can be sure that things will only go uphill from here on out.

Seeing the many benefits that can be garnered from going for renewable power, it is only a matter of time before using fossil fuel as main source of energy becomes obsolete. The times are changing for the better. Solar power, wind power, geothermal heat: all of these technologies will pave the way for a better planet for the next generations.

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