The Earth4Energy Review: How does it stack up?

Earth4Energy Review

Hello, and thanks for checking out my Earth4Energy review. Lots of folks have been getting this how-to guide, so does it live up to all the hype? Let us a have a look.

First off, I’m a hard working guy that doesn’t like to throw his money down the drain, my wife even accuses me of being a miser at times… but it’s for the good of the family, right?

When I first came across Earth4Energy last year, I was definitely curious. And a bit skeptical. I have a background in Engineering, so the motion of saving money by using the sun and wind was very appealing to me.

At the time, I’d never worked on building any kind wind generator or home solar system, even though I’d been curious. We use fluorescent bulbs at our house, and we recycle and try to do what we can for the planet, so this seemed like another good step we could take. (I have to admit that the saving money part is what really got me excited, but if I can do good AND save money, then we’re on to something here!)

An old college friend of mine (Mike) got this package last year, and one weekend I was over at his house for a BBQ and saw that he had solar panels on his roof and a small wind turbine quietly humming away in his back yard. I didn’t tell him, but I was highly impressed with the work, and just a tad bit jealous. I assumed that he had shelled out big bucks to have a solar energy specialist come out to his house and install everything, but to my surprise he said he’d done it all himself with stuff he got at the local hardware store. I thought that was a little far fetched, but he took me inside and showed me the package he bought that taught him how to put it all together.

Then it started making sense… the layout was very concise, and every step was shown in very clear detail. Then, in a relaxed tone, Mike said “Yep, we’ve all but stopped paying out electric bill with this system.”  He showed me his electric bill for the last month, and I was surprised to see it was a single digit, quite unlike my 3 digit bill.

While Mike is a good friend, he was never the brains of the group back in school. I knew right then and there that if he could do it, I most certainly could too. I picked up my own Earth4Energy package that night and began to check it out. Once I successfully completed my own solar panels and wind turbine, I wrote my own Earth4Energy review based on my project.

Here is a breakdown of what’s in the package:

I. The eBook – This is the main part of the guide, and the sections I found most helpful were:

  1. A complete explanation of how solar systems work, and how to get the electricity from your panels to the outlets in your home.  This portion also goes over the basic components of the system so you can familiarize yourself with everything.  Some of these systems and their descriptions include:
    The Kilowatt-hour meter.While I thought it was unimportant, this is really a crucial piece of the puzzle, and Earth4Energy dives deep and teaches you everything you need to know about it.
    Inverters – What they are, how they work, and how you can find one for ten bucks.
  2. An EXTREMELY valuable tip to get FREE SOLAR PANELS.  This tip actually saved me more money than anything.
    How you can save a bunch of money on pre-fabricated components by wiring your own solar panels.
  3. How to create your own solar energy panels from very low cost materials.
  4. How you can create your own wind turbine. This portion covers some excellent tips, they include:
  5. 5 things all wind turbines have in common, and why you need to make sure you don’t get oversold by a manufacturer calling it some fancy name and charging more than they should.
  6. A section on how to cut the blades to create maximum efficency.
  7. A sizing requirement guide, so you know exactly how big to build the system to generate just the right amount of electricity for you

The best wiring combinations, so you can wire your system optimally and prevent overlaods.
II.The Video Collection – these are really great. Nothing beats actually watching someone go through the steps right in front of you.  These are being updated constantly, and you can find a really good tutorial about building solar cells.It walks you through how to do it yourself so you can save a bunch of money by avoiding pre-fabricated parts.

III.  The CD – You can get the complete package in an instant download, or in CD form. The download is obviously faster, but the CD option is available.

IV. The Bonuses – Michael Harvey has put together a really compelling guide here, but on top of everything he includes some really great bonuses. I’ve noticed over time that he’s always adding to these, so I won’t mention them here because everything is updated so often. Some folks have mentioned that the bonuses alone were worth more than the cost of the Earth4Energy Guide.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Earth4Energy review, and can soon start making your own electricity while doing your part for the planet at the same time!

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This post was written by Noel D'Costa on February 23, 2010

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