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Subsequent to suffering from sleeping problem for about 36 months or so, I made a decision it was time to get outside assistance, I feel it could well be reasonable to say that I had become to experience Insomnia and I’m motivated to get to the actual base of this problem, because at the end of the day I really used to enjoy a excellent nights sleep.

I started searching on line for sleep problems and conditions and I was rather astonished to discover reference to the specific mattress I was sleeping on, or in fact, it was much more about the chronological age of our mattress, that was about 2 decades old, we brought it new when we first moved in to our home dozens of years ago.

Therefore it felt a good idea to exchange the complete bed and after some study, it was evident that the Myers Sculpture Mattress had a number of exceptionally fine review articles and many of these where from people who had to deal with Sleep problems in the past, so it appeared like the ideal starting point.

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This post was written by editor on October 31, 2010

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