Taking Back Your Old Study

The years have passed faster than you thought possible. The children have grown up. They are moved into homes of their own. It is time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. There was a time when you had your own study. It was a place for you to retreat and relax. Here are a few tips to help you reclaim that old study.

You may want to move out the old loft bed, or any other beds. You should have little use for them. Store them in the attic. Perhaps you can sell them in a yard sale. Remove the posters and stickers that adorn the wall. If it makes you sad, take pictures or videos first. Then you will still have those memories. There may be imperfections under all of those posters and things. You may find holes in the wall. There may be some works of art in crayon under there, too. You may need to strip the walls.

Do you want to save a lot of labor? Consider installing paneling on the walls. You will not have to prepare the walls for paneling. It may also give your study a cozy feeling. If you wish, you can prepare the walls and paint them. Make it any color that you like.

How is the floor? Will it need to be replaced? Can you keep the old surface? Carpet is a good choice for dens. New carpet for a small room should not be expensive. Look for carpet remnants. You can get excellent carpet for a big discount. There is also carpet with padding attached. Install it with a staple gun or glue.

Children can place a lot of wear on electrical outlets and switches. Save yourself future trouble and replace them. Change the color if you desire. Are you going to need cable TV run into the room? Do not forget phone lines. You may also want Internet cable. Take care of it now, before you redo the room.

You might wish to have a desk and a couch. It may be a temporary guest room, some day. Did you save the quilt set from the bunk beds? It is usually a good idea to save bedding. Store them in the closet, for future use.

Do you have limited storage for tools? You might store toolboxes in your study. Tool cabinets may also work very well. With the right storage, you can keep your Husqvarna chainsaw there, too.

Final thoughts

Are you getting your study back? Take your time and fix it the way you want it. Make sure that you have phone and electronic lines run first. Replace things that may be worn, like electric outlets. Consider any storage that you need, also.

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This post was written by Noel D'Costa on May 14, 2010

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