Build Your Own Solar Water Heater System

For the people of developed countries, to build your own solar water heater system all you need is the determination and will to do so, because you have the required means and opportunity to accomplish such a task.

It is unfortunate, that in developing third world countries, especially those in continents like Africa, people do not have the means to build their own solar water heaters, yet solar water heaters have multiple benefits for poor households in such countries. (Source: Nic Bothma, CDM Project 0079: Kuyasa low-cost urban housing energy upgrade project, Khayelitsha, South Africa)

Build Your Own Solar Water Heater System.

Podcast: How a solar water heating project is changing lives in South Africa’s Cosmos City

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Thermosiphon Systemsas indicated in Figure 6 use the natural tendency of heated water to rise and cooler water to fall to perform the heat collection task.

Passive Thermosyphon Water System

Material from: Florida Solar Energy Center
Credits: John Harrison & Tom Tiedeman FSEC-EN-9 Revised May 1997

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If you are a handy person of sorts and have the time and means at hand, you would be doing a great service to your self, your country, your planet and the generations to come if you decide to build your own solar water heater system.

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