Swimming Pools, Drinks, and Food

Every now and then, you along with your family and friends decide to spend an afternoon of fun in the pool.The inclusion of drinks and food helps make the event more enjoyable.


Let’s see what you can do to make sure everything runs smoothly:

a. Use the appropriate swimming pool chemicals to decontaminate and clean the swimming pool. Double-check that all the cleaning equipments and pool chemicals are stored and properly locked away to avoid any untoward incidence. Remember that swimming pool chemicals do present a hazard.

b. The tables and chairs should be positioned safely away from the swimming pool. Serving tables should be positioned at the most convenient and accessible place.

c. Place 2-3 trash cans in the most conspicuous areas.

d. Make use of plastic plates, drinking glasses, and spoon, fork, and knives. This lessens the risk of accidental breakage.~A party that has come to a halt because somebody accidentally stepped on a broken glass is really not worth the worry.

e. Although alcoholic drinks are quite regular in parties, I highly recommend that you not serve these if you plan to allow people to go for a swim. Just as drinking and driving don’t mix swimming and drinking are also a deadly combination. You can add a little kick in the punch if you really have to, but not too much that it can make anybody drunk. Only allow sober individuals to go for a swim.

f. Make sure that the food being served is properly cooked. As much as possible, cook things at least an hour before serving. Food that requires to be served cold should be placed on ice. Only dish up the appropriate amount of food that can be consumed in as little time as possible. It would be better if you do not dish up food that can readily spoil.~A stomach ache due to food spoilage is not really a terrific way to end a party..


Family, friends, food, drinks, and swimming – what a great way to spend the day!

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This post was written by Noel D'Costa on April 23, 2010


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