Sustainable Home Energy Use and the Current Economy

In the past few months the world price of crude oil has risen from around $33 per barrel to over $60 per barrel, during a time of historic economic lethargy with very little growth in worldwide energy demand. Just think what will happen with energy prices once the economy has strengthened and more people have gone back to work!

Now that we have seen what can happen to energy prices, you need to learn how to protect your family from future fluctuations in energy prices and possible supply disruptions. This is the time to get going on those home projects you have been considering to reduce your reliance on the utility company as well as keeping your house warm, cool, and lighted.

Once you have access to a home solar or wind power system, you can begin to receive financial benefits on your invested dollars and also increase your energy independence. And, for the do-it-yourselfer, your investment will be even more profitable.

The economics of home renewable energy systems are increasingly positive as the initial investment costs decrease and energy costs rise. And, in the United States, you can now utilize the recently restored and expanded renewable energy tax credits.

Since laws and tax regulations are subject to change, you should consult with your tax advisor before claiming energy tax credits, but following is a short summary of the credits available as of May 2009:


  • A federal tax credit up to $1500 for 30% of the cost of adding insulation, installing new windows, caulking cracks, and other expenditures for “tightening up” your house to conserve energy. This tax credit is applicable to those investments you make by 12-31-2010.


  • A similar credit and deadline for investing in more efficient heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems for your home.


  • A federal tax credit with no cap for 30% of costs incurred by 12-31-2016 for investments in renewable energy systems for your home, including solar thermal, solar electric, wind power and biomass fuel systems.


  • A federal tax credit for purchasing diesel, hybrid and electric cars.

If you are handy and want to increase your energy independence and save money in the process, you can build your own home scale solar and wind energy systems for your home or business. Visit the following link for a review of three excellent DIY home energy systems how-to kits: Home Renewable Energy Systems instruction kits reviewed.

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