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Passive solar power does not harm the ozone layerand therefore is the preferred source of solar energy.  Passive solar energy is free, clean and as abundant as sunshine. With passive solar energy, there is very little in the way of operating costs, if any, they emit no toxic gases, and are low on maintenance costs. 

As such. they should be given full consideration as a renewable source of energy. Passive solar power is much simpler to set up, and thus is used by many people who are just starting to employ solar power. Many of these people don’t upgrade because passive solar power suits their needs very well.   

Using the sun instead of specialized solar panels is called Passive Solar Power. This might include simple solar water heating, smart window installation, or specialized insulation in your home.

Passive solar power is not about mechanical implementations. .  Passive solar power refers to the ability to harness energy from the sun without an external input of energy.

Active solar power generally involves the input of energy and employs supplementary devices such as pumps, or air blowers,as opposed to passive solar power.

Passive solar power is used by a more primitive means and usually without electrical components such as a conventional solar panel used in active solar energy.

Passive solar power is also used to describe the technology used to reduce summer cooling requirements, known as passive cooling.

Passive cooling systems are used which are capable of cooling at very low costs (natural cooling). Remodelling these systems is quite easy.   

Passive cooling refers to technologies or design features used to cool buildings naturally. The term “passive” implies that energy consuming automotive components like pumps and fans are not used.

Passive cooling uses non-mechanical methods of reducing heat gain by increasing air circulation and decreasing solar radiation absorbed by the building.

People are looking at ways to save energy, and money, and these techiniques are being perfected and widely used each and every day. 

Passive cooling does not require any more energy than a pair of light bulbs. Passive cooling is normally sufficient, but if necessary, extra cooling can be obtained by using a compressor. 

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