Solar Flares And 2012

Solar Flares and 2012

As explored in the last blog, solar flares cause Electromagnetic Pulse (EMPs) and EMPs can cause serious damage to the electrical power grid and literally fry computer components at power stations, in cars, and even in airplanes. A 2004 Congressional Study projected a stunning 90% fatality rate from a significant Electromagnetic pulse, explaining that it would cause an almost immediate shortage of potable water, food and medical supplies, and eventually lead to an economic and societal collapse. Recently, various scientists from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have sent a slurry of warnings about a surprising increase in the extent of Solar Activity. Various predictions are for the height of this cycle of activity to reach its maximum sometime between mid 2012 and early 2013. It has traditionally been cited that solar flares are made up of charged particles, such as protons and nuclei of atoms. Not until December 2008, more than two years after its discovery, did NASA release findings that solar flares emit mass-bearing particles, hydrogen, oxygen, and iron atoms.

Please be informed…I did not ace E=Mc2, but I do recall from Physics 101, that mass is affected by the force of gravity and the center of gravity between two objects is an effect of the relative mass between the two. We stay planted on the surface of a somewhat rounded Earth because our center of gravity is somewhere near the center of the Earth. Right now, most solar flares are contained pretty close to the Sun. The center of gravity between the mass of the Sun and the mass of the Earth is pretty much within the center[/spin of the Sun since the Sun has so much more mass than the Earth. This center of gravity between the two, being within the Sun, pulls particles back to the Sun. Only during episodes when the polarization of the two electromagnetic fields (that of the Earth versus that from the Sun) become opposed do we see much of a fuss. On December 22, 2012, the Sun, Earth, Jupiter and the Center of the Milky Way will be completely aligned. How will this event change the center of gravity between the Sun and the Earth? Will the solar flares be contained?

Let’s describe it this way: If you have a linear piece of wood or metal rod, with uniform mass throughout the length of it, you can place your finger in the middle of it and it will be completely balanced on your finger. That’s because your finger is at the center of gravity – mass is equal on either side. The center of gravity is the exact center of all the material (that is, mass) that makes up the object. Now take a sledge hammer. Your finger would have to be either right next to the hammer side, or on the hammer itself to balance the mass (weight) and to pinpoint the center of gravity. Now put a weight (mass) on the end opposite the hammer that is greater than the weight of the hammer itself. Your finger would have to be closer to the weighted side because it has more mass than the hammer end. The center of gravity between the Sun and the Earth is well within the Sun. The center of gravity between Jupiter and the Sun is still close to the Sun, but more towards its edge – Jupiter has more mass than the Earth.

Each planet has a direct line towards the Sun, like a trajectory, from its own center of gravity to that of the Sun. Depending on the location of the orbiting planet, the range of where this trajectory meets the Sun varies. It varies for each planet and there is a range where it meets the Sun due to its orbit around the Sun (This range is called a “sleeve”). The particular sleeve representing the mass of Jupiter intersects the solar surface at 35.9 degrees North and South. This is precisely where sunspot and flare activity begin and end during each 11 year cycle. According to Dr. Rollin Gillespie, a retired NASA engineer and astronomer, Jupiter, and to a smaller degree the other less massive planets, may trigger the 11 year cycle of [spin]sunspots and solar flares.

The Sun rotates at a slight angle, as our Earth does, and as it rotates, it wobbles a bit and tilts the sleeves where the various planets align. At certain locations within their orbit around the Sun, these tilting sleeves clash with each other and cause more intense eruptions of solar flares. This results in a “Solar Maximum”. The next “solar maximum” event coincides with December 21, 2012. Scientists have noted that when Jupiter and Saturn are aligned on the same side of the Sun, the solar maximum (the period when we have the most sunspots and flares) is at its weakest; when they are on opposite sides of the Sun,the solar maximum is at its strongest. The positions of these two planets on December 21, 2012 are ideal for extreme solar activity.

In December 2008, NASA scientists started releasing a flurry of advisories about increasing solar activity. On March 27, 2008, unexpected eruptions with M-class radiation (solar eruptions range from nano to X class), at approximately the equatorial region of the Sun were seen. These surprising eruptions suggests a disturbance from an object even more massive than Jupiter, placing the “sleeve” outside the Sun. Could this be the beginning of the Galaxy’s effects on our Sun? On December 20th, 2012, just a few days before the Mayan “doomsday”, there is a straight-line alignment from Jupiter, the Earth, the Sun and (most significantly) the Galactic Center (which is a giant black hole!). A black hole, is a region of space from which nothing, not even light, can escape. It is the result of the deformation of space-time caused by a very compact mass. On December 20, 2012 we will be precisely aligned with the center of the Galaxy where there is maximum mass! More mass means more gravity.

Remember our experiment finding the center of gravity? With the alignment between the center of the Galaxy, where we find maximum mass, and the Sun, with Jupiter and the Earth right smack in between, WHERE will the center of Gravity among these galactic objects be? Remember NASA’s discovery that Solar Flares contain elements with mass? These elements of mass will be attracted to the center of gravity; The Solar Flares, expected to be at solar maximum on December 21, 2012, will be attracted to the center of gravity. With the mass of the Milky Way so great, the reach of Solar Flares will probably not be contained at the edge of the Sun. JUST how far they may reach…WE DON’T KNOW…How much mass is there in the center of the galaxy anyway?

Don’t worry…the Sun isn’t going to go racing towards the center of the galaxy, smashing us to smithereens. This cycle happens about every 12000 years, but it DOES have its effects!

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