Small Off Grid Power Systems

Living comfortably off the grid provides many challenges. Some of these are the challenges of scale, Being energy indpendendent can be accomplished today with readily available systems. This standard off the grid method involves a considerable investment in hardware including hundreds to thousands of pounds worth of batteries.

In many cases this is not what one is trying forsuch as in camping or occasional use cabins, a large alternate energy system is out of the question due to weight and monetary considerations. A friend of mine coined the term micro-electric systems for this type of off the grid setup. A highly portable affordable standalone system that can provide the basic necessities is the goala highly portable affordable standalone .. You can see many other applications of such a system at Micro electric system

Some of the goals of such as system are to provide lighting, a way of charging electronic devices such as cell phones laptops, radios etc.. We wanted the whole system to be portable enough to easily fit in a backpack facilitating traveling from place to place.

The choice of batteries was key to a successful deployment of this concept. After a lot of consideration of alternate battery chemistries I chose 12 amp hour A G. M. lead acid batteries originally designed as scooter batteries. These have proved very durable and forgiving while not weighing so much as to be difficult to transport around. Other choices that would certainly work would be any of the common power tool batteries but voltages might need to be adjusted for compatibility.

Since your systems wiring also needs to be portable much thought should go into your wiring harness for your system. The better your wiring harness turns out the more usable and flexible your whole system will be. Figuring out what to be used as input for your system is the next trick. Using your automobile as an energy input works well Small solar panels also can be obtained for your input.

If you carefully map your energy usage you will find that you can do most of the things you want to do for a very small amount of electricity. Low powered lighting whether LED-based or florescent provides a lot of bang for the buck. Modern electronics uses very little power. Often I find that two fully charged AGM batteries can last over a week of reasonably hard usage, not bad.

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