Small Air Compressor Is The Ideal Tool For The DIY Homeowner

Why get a Thomas air compressor? The reason is very simple. With a Thomas air compressor you will get more repair jobs done around the house and the garage more quickly and less expensively with air tools than you can with electrical or battery powered tools.

You will pay about the same for a Thomas air compressor as you will to buy a decent table saw or other bench power tool, but after the initial purchase the costs of acquiring individual air tools are almost always much cheaper than their electrical and battery powered counterparts. You have to pay for a motor and circuitry every time you buy an electrical tool. Air tools are made much simpler with no motors or other complicated moving parts to add to the cost.

Because they have no motors and fewer moving parts they also last much longer and can stay in good working order for nearly forever with a little maintenance. Drop an air tool into a puddle of water and it can still go to work immediately. Drop an electric drill or an electric circular saw into a puddle of water and if it’s not the end of the tool it’s wasted time drying it out before you can put it to work.

There Are Dozens of Different Air Tools

You can get dozens of different kinds of air tools for all different kinds of jobs that are not even offered in an electrical version. Ever see or hear of an electrical socket wrench? It is one of the most common air tools and you can get it in 1/2″ and bigger sizes too. Air tools spin faster and produce more torque than electrical tools. That means that you get the usual jobs done faster and that you can tackle big jobs that you otherwise would not be able to.

Got a roofing job to do? Even covering a backyard shed with paper and shingles can mean hammering hundreds of nails. Redoing a whole house or a stand alone garage is a back breaking job. Roofing is one job you can finish hours earlier with an air compressor and a pneumatic nailer. Your arms are not ready to fall off by the end of the day, and you have the assurance that every nail is driven straight and true.

Pneumatic nailer, lug nut wrenches, sandblasters, drills, spray guns and die grinders can be attached to or removed from an air compressor hose connection in seconds. You stay on the job and finish it faster. Air tools are safer too because there is no possibility of electrical shock from a bad ground or a frayed wire.

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