Safety Tips For Skips And Skip Hire

If you are going to hire a skip and store it on a public highway, there are a number of general safety measures of which you should be aware. Avoid causing a hindrance to or endangering passers-by and motorists if you keep a skip on public land.

Ensure that you don’t overfill your skip to avoid posing a risk to people on the street. basingstoke skip hire A good way to ensure that this does not happen is to cover the contents of your skip with netting or tarpaulin. This also prevents the waste material inside from blowing out. A skip should not contain materials that are likely to present a risk of fire or explosion or release toxic fumes.

Even if your skip permit allows you to place it on the pavement avoid obstructing manhole covers, drains and other utility access areas. mini skip hire Sheffield Put traffic cones around it and indicator lights on it and try not to obstruct utility access outlets, drains and manhole covers even if the permit you have obtained allows you to keep it on the pavement.

The Long Goods Vehicle (LGV’s) that will bring and pick up your skip is going to need lots of room to do it safely so make sure that there is plenty of space for it do so.

Be careful to keep your skip for no longer than is absolutely necessary so that your neighbours won’t take advantage by fly tipping. Skip hire rates are generally fixed no matter how much you fill them.  If your skip is only half filled, you will still be charged the same rate as a full skip. skips sheffield It’s worth safeguarding this to ensure that you make the most of the service.

Delivery, collection and disposal of waste (exclusive of VAT) is generally included in the price for skips and skip hire. Nevertheless make sure that you get a full breakdown of the price before parting with any money.

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