Rice Cookers Do More Than Cook Rice

Rice cookers prepare rice very well. They are simple to use and require little effort. These cookers are good more than just rice.

There are things to remember when using rice cookers. You will not need as much water as in conventional preparation methods. They contain most of the steam inside. Most times, you will use one cup of rice for every one and one fourth cups of water. For metric, use 300cc for water and 240cc for rice. However, check the instructions that come with your cooker.

These cookers are simple to operate. Place water and rice in the cooking pan. Put the cooking pan inside the cooker. Turn on the cooking feature. Some people like to rinse their rice first.

Your cooker was made for kitchen use. However, you may live in an apartment or smaller house. You may have very little space in your kitchen. You may sit your cooker on a dining room furniture set. Make sure that you place a hot pad underneath the unit.

Most cookers come with cooking pans that are non-stick. Modern day non-stick surfaces are durable. However, it is not a good idea to be too hard on them. You would not want to put a kitchen hand mixer inside your pan or cooker.

Steamed vegetables

Many cookers can also be used as vegetable steamers. When shopping for cookers, look for one that also steams. This will make your unit more useful in the kitchen. Take the Zojirushi rice cooker for example. The six-cup cooker/steamer has many functions. It comes with a non-stick, easy to clean, cooking pan. The cooking pan is removable.

Its steam tray is made from stainless steel. It is a separate part of the cooker. When your food is done, the cooker will start the warming function. There is no lid raising, to peek at the food. The lid is transparent glass. Its handles are designed to remain cool to your touch. You get a removable power cord, measuring cup, and spatula with the unit.

You can prepare many recipes with your rice cooker. You can make things like oatmeal recipes and jambalaya. You can prepare many rice dishes in your cooker. Go online and search for rice cooker recipes. It will turn up many for you to try.


Rice cookers will do a good job of cooking your rice. They can perform other tasks also. Some are very good steamers. The amount of recipes you can prepare in them is limited only by your imagination. Search online for rice cooker recipes and see. You might save a great deal of time and effort.

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