Renewable Enregy Its Potential And The Major Uses In The World Today

There is an incresed effort to use Renewable Energy in the world today. With the increases cost charged by the utility providers people are looking at different ways to reduce the cost. Not only is it a cost to the hip pocket but also has an incredible impact on the environment. Not only large industries but also the average Joe is forced to reduce their energy requirements. A lot of the State and Federal Government are offering very substantial subsidies at the moment to encourage people to head towards a more energy efficient lifestyle.

The most common way for us all to do this is to use sources of Renewable Energy. Some of the most popular sources include solar energy for the generation of electricity and for heating of water, Wind Generation and in favourable locations a combination of two or more of these sources, which is known as a Hybrid energy system and used mostly in remote areas where there is no grid connection. On a larger scale hydro power station and also large wind farms are used to harness naturally occurring energy sources and convert them into a more useable form being electricity.

There is a large number of people especially in Australia today that are installing Solar Powered units to there homes that feed electricity generated by photovoltaic solar cells via an inverter back into the grid. Most of the local councils are now making it mandatory that all new homes a constructed in such away that the energy used in the home is reduced as much as possible and also the inclusion to the specification they must also install a grid connection solar system and in some case a solar water heater. These grid conection system range in sized from 1.5KW up to whatever size you want to use. And probably the most commonly sized system installed is around the 1.5KW to 3KW, which are still affordable for most people. This electricity is stored in credit against there usage on a daily basis and can in fact actually be in front by the time the bill comes in leaving them with the utility company actually owing them money for a change.

People who enjoy the great outdoors and go camping especially those that have large caravans, campers, RVs and motor homes are using Renewable Energy more and more to power there home away from home as no one wants to set around in a beautiful relaxing campsite and listen to a number of noisy generators rattling away. The massive increase in the number of these people travelling around are using solar panels to charge battery banks in the mobile homes to enable them to run 12 volt fridges and appliances and lighting there camp. Renewable Energy is the way to go with technology getting better all the time.

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