Renewable Energy Types And How We Use Them

You ask what is renewable energy? Well it is energy that comes from natural resources like wind, rain, sunlight and tides, which are all Types of Renewable Energy and can be harnessed to generate power. Everyone anywhere has natural resources around them so it is a perfect opportunity to utilize these resources. You can live anywhere in the country wether it’s rural or even in the city and still have access to your own renewable energy and not even know it. There are many way’s to do this by using solar panels, solar hot water systems, wind generation and even stand alone solar systems which are a combination of several of these Types of Renewable Energy.

Why pay the electricity company’s to supply your power when you can have your own renewable energy source to power your home. I was always dreading my power bill every 3 months now I don’t get a power bill and am saving money just from having my own solar system. We had a rebate from the government when we put our solar system in, so we benefited and so did the environment and so could you.

Everyone is looking to help the environment and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and what better way to achieve this than with renewable energy. The Australian government wants by 2020 that 20 per cent of our Electricity supply to come from Types of Renewable Energy.

In Australia you can get paid to put power back into the mains power supply grid so not only are you helping the environment, also the electricity company is paying you for putting power back into the grid so this is very beneficial for you. To do this is by using solar panels on you roof so that the sunlight produces electricity through the panels that you have. They require little maintenance and can last 20 years or more.

There are many Types of Renewable Energy that you can use around your home for 1 there is solar hot water systems. Why not have hot water anytime of the day without having to worry about how much it is costing you. You just have to jump in have a shower and when you get your next electricity bill compare and have a look to see how much you have saved. These day’s the government gives rebates on solar hot water system’s so check with your government and see if you can receive these rebates now.

Another way that you can use Types of Renewable Energy is by using wind turbines and this is done by the wind turning the propellers to make electricity and it can be put into your battery bank. These are very good if you have a place with a lot of wind and are usually used in the stand-alone systems.

So using any of these ideas will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help our environment.

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