Reasons To Familiarize Yourself With Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Do you think you’re experiencing sleep apnea symptoms?  It is vital that you seriously consider all of these symptoms.  You may not think that sleep apnea is that dangerous but in reality it is.  Many people suffer serious health consequences from this condition and most don’t even realize it.  Typically they assume that they have some other condition, are unfamiliar with sleep apnea symptoms, or simply dismiss the condition as being trivial.

The usual sleep apnea symptoms deal with the reduction of sleep that a loot of patients encounter.  When a person experiences sleep apnea or the cessation of breathing during the night, the body will wake itself up just long enough to get breathing again.  Often the sufferer doesn’t even realize that they’ve awakened as they go back to sleep right away.  This can disrupt your regular sleep pattern and does not permit getting a complete and restful night of sleep.  So sleep apnea symptoms may include fatigue during the day, daytime drowsiness or dizziness, irritability and mood swings, constant yawning, and falling asleep during inappropriate times.  A lack of sleep can also cause morning headaches and so these too are common sleep apnea symptoms.

Symptoms of sleep apnea can include extremely loud or other types of snoring, and sometimes difficulty breathing during the day.  Choking, gasping, wheezing, snorting, and sounds like these are common for those who have sleep apnea as they are actually signs that the person is trying to get oxygen.  Often these sounds are mistaken for typical snoring when they’re really not.  A tape recorder placed next to your bed can let you hear the sounds you make when you sleep; you can then take the recording to your doctor to be reviewed for potential sleep apnea symptoms.

See a physician if you have any of these sleep apnea symptoms.  You can also make adjustments to help you breathe better at night, such as putting a humidifier in the bedroom and propping yourself up during sleep.  A snore pillow can actually help as these pillows cradle the head and neck and help to keep airway passages open and breathing clear.  But don’t ignore sleep apnea symptoms as this condition is dangerous and in extreme cases, can also be downright deadly.

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