Private Guided Tour Of The Build-a-Bear Workshop

Everyone loves to snuggle with a soft teddy bear, so it’s no wonder the bear has been a symbol of this comfort for years. Build-a-Bear company believes in human compassion and helping others less fortunate.

Most of us are aware of the Build-a-Bear Workshop retail store where the young and not-so-young are given all the materials needed in order to build their own teddy bear. In the workshop there are many choices for clothing and accessories to make your teddy bear be a one-of-a kind. For lots of fun you might want to even consider throwing a birthday party, where everyone can build their very own bear.

Not many of us are aware that Build-a-Bear Workshop has partnered with charitable organizations to bring about awareness to a cause to encourage participation or donations. Charities have learned that by offering a premium as a thank you gift often increases response to requests for donations.

Habitat for Humanity

One of the charities that Build-a-Bear Workshop felt the call to partner with is Habitat for Humanity International. Habitat for Humanity is a Christian-based organization that builds new homes or renovates homes for low-income families. These new homes are sold at no profit, and there is no interest charged. The physical work is done by volunteers and materials are supplied through donations.

There was even a teddy bear named “Sawyer” built by the bear workshop that was inspired by the saws and tools used to renovate the homes. Sawyer is a golden bear filled with beans to make him huggable, and the 12 inch bear is sent to people who donate to the cause. On the front of Sawyer’s red t-shirt it reads, “Home Sweet Home”. Donations were not where they needed to be until Sawyer came on the scene. Sawyer represents to the donor the love and compassion shown to those needing shelter and especially to children who will be living in those new homes.

Save the Children

Save the Children is the latest charity that has partnered with the company to raise funds for children. David Archuleta, from American Idol, contributed his song, “Let’s talk About Love”, which was written especially for Build-a-Bear.

This fund raiser, called “Love,Hugs,Peace” is designed to encourage children to sign onto the Build-a-Bear website and donate $1 to the cause. More than 38,000 young bear lovers donated on the site and were given a free copy of the song “Let’s Talk About Love” to download. Build-a-Bear offers a t-shirt for the teddy bears with “Love, Hugs, Peace” written on the front. Build-a-Bear also donates 25 cents from the sale of each t-shirt sold.

Build-a-Bear really does believe in the saying that charity begins at home, and they try to set an example for others, so they will help as well. Build-a-Bear Workshop need donors to help them help those that are less fortunate.

Looking for more info on Build A Bear Workshop? Please drop by Teddy Bears Paradise at, it has everything Teddy Bear related and so much more, from bear clip art to teddy bear designs. It really is a Teddy Bears Paradise!

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