Pond Scum Or Maybe The Fungus That Eats The Pond

“I’m pond scum. Well, lower actually. I’m like the fungus that feeds on pond.”

I’m certain every single woman knows where that line is from. Julian Potter, played by superstar Julia Roberts, uttered this in My Best Friend’s Wedding. She was remorseful for attempting to halt the wedding of her best friend, whom she evolved emotions for.

But if women are familiar with the line and may have heard it again and again after continuously watching the romantic flick, do they even know what lake scum is?

From the line, it appears that pond scum belongs to the lowest tiers of the world. Causes you to not wish to be what it is. Well, you don’t want to be lake scum. It is a form of algae that forms a green blanket on a stagnant lake.

You don’t wish to be lake scum and you surely don’t like lake scum in your lake. So part of knowing how to build a pond is to learn how to prevent lake scum from developing.

Lake scum is a common problem in both garden ponds and ponds and like the cliché, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure,” it’s always best to stop the lake scum from developing rather than needing to treat it.

Stopping lake scum from developing is rather easy. Just be certain that sunlight doesn’t get to the bottom of the bed because that is where lake scum starts. Only, you don’t notice pond scum until it is drifting on the surface but it actually builds up towards the bottom. You don’t necessarily have to prevent sunlight from entering into the lake. Sunlight continues to be helpful if you are farming fish and other seafood in the lake. Just don’t make the light reach the bed.

This is one of the facts to consider when you study how to build a pond. A partial shade that only permits sunlight in the surface should be included in making ponds.

If the pond scum has already been there, you can take it out with a pool net. But by then, it has already started its population. So you have to place treatment in the water to kill the scum.

Among the more popular treatments are copper substance and contact weed killer. Here’s some advice, don’t attempt to treat the entire pond scum. Just treat about a third since it can have an impact on the available oxygen for the pond inhabitants.

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