On-line TEFL Certificates and Landing Your First Job in Japan


TEFL Certificates and Getting That First Job in Japan

TEFL and ESL forums are jam-packed with ESL teachers who write that you will need a CELTA equivalent course to secure Any kind of work in the ESL field. This isn’t exactly the case. What is true however, is  that an Online TEFL course won’t cut it in hyper-competitive markets  like areas of western Europe.

But it will everyday of the week and twice on Sunday in an entry level position in Japan.

It’s common for language schools in more competitive markets (like some countries in Western Europe) to demand higher qualifications and succeed in getting them from their candidates. Key to ending the vicious cycle of sending piles of resumes out without results is picking targets like Japan that are easier to knock down.

So avoiding these high-end markets is key to breaking into your first teaching job in Japan.

Unlike some countries in western Europe and other sought for TESL heavens, Japan, although completely on the radar screen of most job searchers is slightly below the extremely sought after ones. What this means is that an online TEFL course. gives you an advantage in Japan simply because the job market isn’t as competitive.

We’re not saying that finding work teaching in Japan is an absolute cake-walk because there certainly is competition.

(Read: Collapsing stock market, a damn shaky banking system and cosumer credit debt going through the roof and fleeing recent graduates. Recent grads fleeing in search of better opportunities.) And honestly, this has made finding ESL work a lot more challenging. But exactly because of this situation, an on-line tefl course will make your resume stand out more and because they’re so affordable.

It’s pretty much a quick and effective way to give yourself an advantage and push-out your competition…

I’ll be as honest as the day is long on this point. Can an on-line degree match a CELTA in terms of employer desirability? No. But then again it won’t send you to the poor house getting one. So if you’re a recent graduate and wish to try something different like teaching English in Japan, then this is an option you might want to take a look into.

So if you’re trying to find work teaching aborad and don’t have the cash and a strong enough resume to compete in the tougher job markets and on-line TEFL course is a smart move.

After you’ve built up some experience in the classroom and are worth a higher wage, you can go after more competitive jobs if you’re tired of the teaching scene in Japan.

So the bottom line is that an on-line TEFL course isn’t the right option for hyper competitive ESL markets but will give you an advantage in getting entry level ESL work in Japan.


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