Off Grid Solar Power

Now you may not be going for a true off grid solar experience. You know the one where there are no line coming into or going out of the house. This includes sewer, electricity, and cable along with anything else you can think. While it is very possible it may not be very doable depending where you live. However partial off the grid living is easier to do and is still very helpful to the environment.

Deciding to go partially or fully off of the grid does not mean that you will lose any or even some of the basics that you love so much. For example you wont have to go without bathing, or clean clothes. Depending where you are might mean that you CAN go hunting to feed yourself but you will be no means have to. Remember off the grid does not mean living in a cave it is just more eco friendly and self sustaining. That is about it.

When I talk about the off grid solar power, specifically in this article, I want you to think of the electric grid that powers the USA and of course your own home. When you go off the grid you will still be connected to the power grid you will just be using less power, maybe a lot less, than you currently consume. How would you do this? With alternative energy sources of course!

Solar and wind are some of the easiest do it yourself alternative energy sources that are inexpensive and can help reduce the cost of being on the grid. Using solar panels and wind turbines is the easiest route, currently, to harness this free energy. Sometimes just a small addition can run your refrigerator or your whole house depending on the size of your project.

You do not have to turn yourself into a caveman in order for you to go off the grid, it is as easy as some simple DYI projects and reducing your energy needs and cost that way.

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