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Why lights at night instead of standard ceiling lights? What they give you? And they are suitable for every room, every mood and every situation? I can think of few successful applications in light at night in your home. Here are some ideas.

Just think of a comfortable room with soft light rockets yellow-orange turns slowly in the walls. It gives the mood, right?

And now you’re thinking of Residence: If you are a couch and a TV hanging from the ceiling light is in the eye of the eye to cause damage. No matter if you feel comfortable with it, but two or three lights on the corners of the media space, I need light. It‘s easier for the eyes and elegant, do not you think?

What you tell your child to a night of color, thanks to its favorite cartoons on them? I think he / she wants. Especially upon waking in the middle of the night and “save” the darkness of the room and creep monsters.

Maybe not so widely used is the idea of lights at night in the kitchen or hallway, but I think it is true. It gives you the freedom to focus on a painting, jewelry, or special place in his hallway. Or it may be clearer in a particular place in the kitchen, where you need it most.

And of course, it is common to use a reading lamp in the closet. There are signs that the most appropriate light for reading and writing in particular is the light from the left, if you’re right and your right, if you’re a lefty. The location of the lighting may be easier to obtain, at no additional cost by the reading lamp.

Given the wide range of shapes, colors, sizes and styles of lights in the night, you can now not only for the best balance of illumination, but to create to decorate your home with her and the atmosphere that suits you best.

The truth is that the lights used at night most often used as accent lighting, but they all have the ability, the main lighting in your home. It is easy to use lighting controls that you can determine the brightness of light. With this command, you can “tell” your lamp when you break a dinner, for example, and an hour to “inform” later to give you the choice of low light while relaxing before bedtime.

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