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Because the greater Twin City area is known for sub-zero temperatures, Hoffman is aware of the importance of a reliable heating system. Also, we think the heating system in your residence actually is more than just that, it performs various functions. For about half the year it is without a doubt your home’s most vital appliance. Hoffman offers a wide range of heating systems, products and services to meet your every need. Improve your new or existing home with a Lennox heating system, furnace installation or repair services simply by contacting us at 62-234-4188 regarding your inquiry. Our list of heating and air conditioning products and services include:

Geothermal and Solar Heating

Undoubtedly you have heard about alternative heating systems like geothermal and solar heating. It’s possible you’ve heard about solar, geothermal, or radiant heating applications while watching Rich Trethewey of This Old House on a Sunday afternoon. These are the basic realities: geothermal heat pumps are generally about five hundred percent more efficient than most other average gas furnaces! Understand how Minneapolis heat pumps operate.

Furnace Maintenance and Fixing

Furnace tuneups cleans the heating system letting it work with greater effectiveness resulting in savings on Minneapolis heating expenses. In a heating system, a furnace tune-up is a safety check. Perhaps, if your system has any kind of defect like damaged parts or a cracked heat exchanger or broken chimney liner, it will detect them all and protect you and your family from carbon monoxide exposure. You must take into account that an annual tuning is advised by all the heating system producers and also by your own utility company. If you want to have a cost efficient furnace that runs good, get one of our furnace tune-ups. At Hoffman Heating we provide furnace tune-ups, as well as installation of new furnace systems. Find out more about our Minneapolis furnace repair programs online at HoffmanHeating.net.

Boiler Repair and Installation

Hot water boiler heating can be the freshest and most cost-effective way to heat your residence. For more than fifty years, this business has maintained, fixed, and set up hot water boilers. We have boiler repair and boiler installation down to a tee! Fresh hot water boilers provides safety and environmental benefits particularly when set up using a geothermal heat pump. Utilizing not as much gas and making not as many toxic byproducts than a conventional gas furnace, new boilers lessen carbon monoxide poisoning risk in household or companies, and assist in making a contribution to an environment with greater cleanliness for everyone.

Hot Water Heaters

On average, a regular Twin cities 4 person family utilizes two thousand gallons of hot water monthly. An amount that can really send a flood of money out the chimney if your home is using an outdated water heater. If you are in need of hot water heater repairs, or a new hot water heater installation, Hoffman Heating is here to help you. Find out more about the Twin Cities water heaters by visiting our site.

Heat Pumps Minneapolis

Heat pumps, outdoors is where you will find them in Minnesota. In Minneapolis – Saint Paul, MN Minnesota, heat pumps pull warm air out of the house during the hottest months, and forces warm air inside during the cold months. Heat pumps are also excellent in controlling the level of humidity in the home. Understand all there is to know about installing a Minneapolis heat pump by visiting our website.

Get more information concerning Minneapolis heating systems. It’s important to learn everything you possibly can about the Twin Cities heating company you hire before you even start to get quotes. Simply head on over to this link if you are interested in obtaining a price quote on the cost of a new Minneapolis furnace installation or, call 612-234-4118.

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