Making Money From Home Using An Affiliate Program Selling Green Power

Affiliate marketing is a popular and effective method of making money from home, and an affiliate program selling green power would appear to be a viable affiliate product to promote. If you are an experienced affiliate marketer, or are just breaking out into the ‘making money from home’ industry, then there are affiliate programs available right now offering green power that is sustainable and less expensive than regular electricity supplies.

The first question any affiliate marketer will ask when offered a new affiliate program to promote is how popular will it be? Will it be difficult to promote and how many people are going to be interested in the offer? Just consider this question from a personal point of view, rather than as an internet marketer.

If you were given the opportunity to switch from one electricity supplier to another free of charge, and your electricity bills with the new supplier were up to 30% less than previously, would you change? Add to that the fact that the new source of electricity was sustainable and green, such as wind power, hydroelectric, solar or some other means that did not involve nuclear or fossils fuels, would that provide you with a compelling reason to change electricity suppliers?

Of course it would, and that should answer your question about the potential for an affiliate program offering cheap sustainable green power. That should be an easy way to make money from home using affiliate marketing, and your pre-sales page need not even be all that compelling because the product virtually sells itself. In fact, there is no selling involved because customers that change to the service you would be promoting pay nothing for it!

Some article marketing, perhaps inexpensive PPC adverts and a mini-site or a blog with a simple landing page and you should have it made. Work on the consumer’s power costs, and how fabulous it would be to reduce their electricity bills by up to 30%. Stress this to businesses and corporations, and particular to non-profit organizations such as charities: they will jump at anything that will reduce their monthly bills. Then inform them that it costs them no capital outlay to make these savings, and you should have them hooked.

This should be one of the simplest of affiliate marketing programs to promote because there are three focal points for your promotion:

1. A potential 30% reduction in electricity bills that for businesses can be a considerable sum of money and that could also enable mothers to spend more money on their children’s birthday presents.

2. Green sustainable power: a reduction in the use of fossil fuels so that gasoline will not run out as quickly, and their grandchildren will not be raised in a world full of nuclear power stations.

3. No cost. They are purchasing nothing – just saving money, and being offered the opportunity to do that free!

You can use each of these to offer a compelling case to switch electricity suppliers to a green power source free of charge. So get started, because it won’t be long before everybody cottons on, and the secret of big bucks in affiliate marketing is to get in early with your affiliate program. Making money from home is suddenly a lot easier!

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