Make Your Own Solar System

Ever thought of building your own DIY Solar Panels? if you have I am sure it is mainly as a result of the financial savings you stand to make on not having to purchase a commercial system, in conjunction with the reduction on the carbon footprint you are leaving on the earth.

A regular retail solar cells system will cost you upwards of $4000,with many installations costing a lot more. DIY solar cells on the other hand can be built for as little as a couple of hundred dollars. Add to this the substantial savings you will reap by cutting your electricity bill (in some cases up to 80%) and it’s easy to see why somepeople are looking toward the option of building their own setup

In order to make sure you build good quality panels, you should purchase a good guide which clearly illustrate exactly what you need to do, to make sure your do it yourself project is a success. Some thought should be put into making sure your newly built solar panels are weather tight as solar cells do not tolerate wet conditions well.

Online auction sites are good reliable places to obtain all the supplies you need to build your own solar panels, much attention should be given to the respective sellers feed backs to avoid disappointment.

One way is to buy B grade or damaged cells, much money can be saved by going this route.
Cells can easily be damaged This is not a project for someone who has problem with detail as many solder joints go into each panel.

The frames that your home made panels go into can be made from many materials such as wood or various metals such as steel or aluminum .
After your payback period for your investment in your solar hardware, homeowners will enjoy an independence from utility company’s and there persistent bills for many years to come

[spin]Some skill especially soldering is required fora successful build
Putting together your own panels is not hard at all and is a project definitely worth pursuing. It is an excellent educational tool if you have children, get them involved and it will raise their awareness about the need for energy conservation and global warming. — About the Author If you are interested in learning about alternative energy and some of my other projects take a look at the following link to my website alternative energy

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