Make a Swimming Pool Solar Heater

Using the sun to heat your swimming pool is one of the most practical applications of free solar energy. A solar water heater will let you enjoy a longer swimming season and preserve your water temperature during cooler evenings without worrying about high utility bills. Swimming pool solar heating systems are well able to sustain the warmth of a large volume of water on a daily basis, and are quite capable of keeping the pool temperature in the 80 – 85 degree range even in moderate sunshine.

Fitting a solar pool heater is also a good way of adding value to your home.

If you decide to buy and install a ready-made solar water heating system you could pay from $2,000 to $4,000 depending on collector size and installation costs. But you could build your own swimming pool solar heater for an average-sized pool for under $200, including materials, plans and expert guidance.

The solar water heater is fitted into a circulation loop connected to the existing filter system. While the filter is working during the day the pool water is passed through the solar collectors and back to the pool. It is possible to have a system without any moving parts, such as a recirculating pump, but this is governed by the daily sunshine activity in your area.

The solar heating panels need to be positioned to absorb the maximum amount of available sun, typically on a suitable roof. Ideally the collectors should face the mid-day sun and be at an angle equivalent to your latitude minus 10 to 15 degrees. The total area of the solar collectors will depend on various factors, but it will be at least 50% of the pool surface area. This will be nearer 75% for horizontal or west-facing collectors. It is not unusual for the collector area to be the same as that of the pool when the site is shaded badly or exposed to strong winds. Because these solar collectors are space-hungry, it is often better to fix them to a frame on the ground or even a suitable fence.

There are several factors which can influence a solar heater installation, including:

  • Weather and sunshine levels.
  • Building codes and safety issues.
  • Size of the pool.
  • Duration of the swimming season.
  • Desired pool temperature level.
  • Solar collector efficiency.

You really need the help of an expert to design your swimming pool solar heating system when considering these factors, because only a suitably-qualified person will have the necessary expertise to give you the right plans for making your swimming pool solar heating system work properly for you.

It is very easy to make and fit your own swimming pool solar heating system and you need no special skills or tools. All materials are available from local hardware stores and garden shops. However, using the appropriate experts will make your job much easier and more fun. We thoroughly recommend one group of professionals who have produced a simple set of plans and a comprehensive set of step-by-step instructions to guide you throughout the build in making your solar swimming pool heater. For under $200, including all plans, instructions, materials and expert guidance, you can have your own pool solar heating system – what a great idea!


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