Living On Green Energy

With today’s rising power costs, and no reduction in sight, many consumers want to live “off the grid.” Even with an preliminary investment that may be steep, the benefits make it much more economical in the long run.

There are small and some not so small ways why off the grid living is a good alternative today. Even though the economical outlay may be steep at first, in the long run it definitely makes more sense for the environment.

Raising your individual food is a good way to begin living off the grid. This way, you eat organically whereas being secure in the knowledge that no dangerous hormones or chemical substances are being introduced into your animals.

A cow can present milk, butter and ultimately beef and leather. Chickens can provide eggs and meat, and flavoring for soup stock. Sheep can present wool for warmth, and lambs for food; whereas goats are very good milk producers. Once you have a garden set up, you need to never be in need of vegetables. Canning and freezing is easy and price effective for greens all winter long.

People that choose to reside off the grid often do require transportation, but with the availability of hybrid cars; and the analysis towards doable ethanol fueled cars; wanting to avoid oil products isn’t as much of a hindrance now. The Amish have the very best means of transportation with their horse and buggies. Of course, upkeep on the buggies and maintenance for the horses might be time consuming, but the benefit of no oil product consumption is a superb motivator. Horses will also be used for plowing fields, entertainment and likewise as revenue if breeding is one thing one was in.

Buying garments is becoming rather more expensive these days. Children as younger as five can’t go to school in hand me downs or thrift retailer clothing because they are going to be teased. When residing off the grid, you don’t need to be stylish, and you probably don’t have any desire to be fashionable either. Spinning wool out of your sheep, and knitting or weaving clothes and blankets is a great way to save money. Of course, these days, handspun wool can be a great revenue generator, as well as wool products, corresponding to handknit sweaters and socks. Buying fabric from a local merchant is inexpensive than buying clothes in a store, and will be just as nice so long as you know the basics of sewing. For some, sewing could also be difficult, but that is an simple hurdle to overcome. There is at all times someone who can be willing to barter, especially in case you are located near anyone else who chooses off the grid living. Sharing your talents with others make self sustainable living rather more enjoyable.

Generating heat and power is always a concern for many who choose to dwell off the grid. There are several decisions available, but the initial investment will be steep. Once the infrastructure is setup, there is no such thing as a reason to pay your energy bill monthly, or to worry that you’re going to freeze in the middle of the night during a storm. Having your own power provide means freedom from being at the mercy of restore crews in the middle of the night time when the power line has been knocked down, and also is a lot safer. Power just isn’t vital to survival, and life may be enjoyable without it.

There are two power supply options with available instructions online. Solar and wind energy might be very efficient, and benefit from being a lot cleaner than coal, oil or gas, and definitely much safer than nuclear power plants. There are several sources of this data available… just search “off grid living”

The Amish community is a good example of residing off the grid. They have even been in a position to integrate into the community with out sacrificing their values or their manner of life. If more people were prepared and in a position to follow their lead, our carbon footprint would be lessened, and our dependence on international oil can be nonexistent.

If we every made some small progress in living green, there could be more people willing to make that subsequent step to move off the grid, and our world can be a much cleaner dwelling for all.

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