Interested in Renewables? Read the Solar Energy Facts

We hear about solar energy on an almost daily basis.  But are we hearing real solar energy facts or is there are lot of talk filled with opinions which cannot be backed up with hard evidence.  Since this is becoming a hot political topic there are many solar energy facts out there which are not quite as substantiated as we are lead to believe.

One of the reasons why solar power is so topical is because it is a renewable energy source.  This means that, unlike energy which is dug or drilled out of the ground, it is not going to run out. 

Another important solar energy fact is that it is a clean energy source.This means that it does not increase levels of unsafe greenhouse gases and it does not produce any other emissions which are currently considered to be dangerous to our ecosystem.

Solar energy facts concerning its versatility are a bit vaguer.  This is due to the current problems with efficiency and storage.  If you are considering converting to solar power completely you may want a solar powered car.  This is possible, but you will probably find that you are going to have a difference in performance levels between your traditionally fuelled car and your solar powered.  So it is true that you can have a solar powered car, but there will be sacrifices.

So if you wanted to go green and have everything solar powered, would it be possible?  Well, one important solar energy fact is that manufacturers are cashing in on the idea and they are pricing solar energy powered products much higher than traditionally powered similar products.

So is solar energy cheaper to run?  This is a maze of information and extracting the solar energy facts of this one is not easy.  Once solar energy systems are installed they are cheaper to run.The sun will shine for free and every time she reveals her face you will be gaining power to either use, store or sell.  In some areas you can sell your excess solar power back to your local energy supplier.  This all sounds very good, but there are a lot of upfront costs which you will have to recoup before you are making a profit, so don’t get too excited too quickly.  The only way to truly establish if you could run solar powered without breaking the bank is to get one of the solar powered companies to come and do a home assessment.  During this they will advise you of the work which would be required to convert your home to solar power.  This should include the cost parts and the amount of energy you are likely to be able to produce.  Most companies will be able to review your current energy use and be able to tell you if you will be short and need to top up with traditional sources of energy or if you will be selling back to the local supplier.

One solar energy fact you can be sure of is that solar energy is here to stay.  We just don’t know what percentage of our energy usage will be solar and how quickly this change over will happen.

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