Installing a DIY Solar Water Heater To Save Electricity

Are you aware that you can actually build a DIY solar water heater for heating the water instead of using those geysers that consume electricity? So why not plan to save some money, contribute a pollutant free greener environment with a small investment that will cost no more than $100. You can reduce the bills that comes due to the overall consumption of the home by using power extracted from free and renewable energy like the sunlight.

With this system, your overall energy consumption will reduce by 30% after you have installed the DIY solar water heater. This benefits more if the size of the family is more and all of them are used to have the habit of bathing with warm water.

The investment for this type of solar hot water heater is one time but the returns will be coming soon. The maintenance for such systems is very less as one may need to change the solar panels only. There are no moving parts in the system that needs oiling or monthly maintenance.

It isn’t a difficult task and one can easily install a DIY solar water heater in less than a week. Make sure the solar panels receive lot of sunlight. It is not suitable for areas that receive more rainfall or less sunshine throughout the year.

A DIY solar water heater is an easy do it yourself project for the average homeowner, and one that can be completed in just one weekend.

Experts agreed that the DIY solar water heater built at a home is the best investment that one can aim to get long term returns. Governments also offer tax rebates for those consumers who are planning to install the DIY solar water heaters in their homes. There, why not find out how quickly you can began to install the solar heater at home NOW!

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