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A solar-powered fresh air conditioner is an interesting invention. If you consider it, that you are using the sun to energy your air conditioner, and in turn that you are contributing much less to global warming. There are a few companies, globally that are working on establishing solar-powered oxygen conditioning units that place a lower demand on strength supplies and are eco-friendly.

The energy resources with the globe are depleting fast with the decrease in fossil fuel reserves. These sources of energy have caused a considerable damage to the atmosphere and are among the chief factors for global warming.

American company, GreenCore Air released such an oxygen conditioner that is powered by a 170 watt solar panel.

Rotartica, a Spanish company, has developed a similar small-scale solar air-conditioning unit. The unit requires in solar- heated water and releases neat air. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the capabilities to work at night but it will trendy a room on hot days with out the must tap into electrical energy supplies that are under strain on these hot days.

As a result, many option strength sources have emerged and increasingly more people are turning to them. Solar power is one of these choice power sources. This article looks at the pros and cons of utilizing pv vitality to run the AC at your home. The first thing everyone is interested in is the financial feasibility of applying photo voltaic energy. Solcool’s newest units also have attachments for water purification. Giving the reason for establishing these solar-powered units, Roger Pruitt, president of Solcool said, “Air conditioning takes the biggest load on the power grid. We’re trying to use smaller PV (photovoltaic solar) cells and equip them with 18,000 BTUs (a unit of energy) of air conditioning”. The unit operates at 500watts which is far much less energy than other units use.  

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