How To Install DIY Solar Panels To Power Your House

If you have been thinking of using solar energy to generate electricity for your home, you have to know that solar panels can go up to $35,000 and up. An average income family would normally choose to install DIY solar panels themselves. All you need is the right information to get started.

Firstly, create your box or panel, the size and configuration will be largely determined by the above figures, if you only need one panel to power your air in the summer the size will be much different from what you need for an entire home. Basically, it should be solid wood bottom, 1.5 inch rails for the side and possible the middle of a large panel.

Once you have determined the size and number of panels you will need you must build an array. This is simply several solar cells linked together with tabs. You must be very careful with your solar cells as they are rather fragile.

Place them upside down on a readymade pattern or jig, quarter-inch plywood is sufficient, and solder the tabs to each cell (cells commonly come with the tabs you need). Once the tabs are in place, you can solder each tab to the next cell, creating a panel of cells. Flip them with care for placement in the solar panel.

The biggest problem with homemade solar panels is moisture getting inside the unit and degrading connections or cells. To prevent this you can use a layer of foam tape available at any hardware store around the edges, and then affix your Plexiglas over this with a screw every six inches.

This is a very basic outline for the entire procedure. To be completely successful, you may need battery storage and regulators along with an assessment of the best placement for your panels. You will also need to add a junction box and some other key components, but this is a basic outline for building solar panels for your home.

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