How to Clear a Clogged Kitchen Sink

Often, fixing a blocked kitchen sink may require a number of different methods and attempts. But with a few very simple household tools and items, you’d be able to remove the blockage in your drain. Here is a helpful guide:

1. Break Up A Greasy Clog

If the cause of the blockage is close to the kitchen drain and made up of grease, you can possibly flush it out with freshly boiled water and liquid dish soap. Start by getting rid of any liquid from the sink. Pour half a cup of liquid dish soap down the drain. Then pour 10 cups of boiling water. Allow the mixture to set until the water has cooled completely. The water should be gone at this point and the drain will be clear. Otherwise, try this next strategy.

2. Plunge the Blockage through your Drain

Position a plunger over the drain of your kitchen sink and then push it down. Make sure you do so with gentleness to avoid breaking your pipes. If you have double sinks, you’ll notice that the water simply moves from one sink to the other as you push and pull the plunger. So, it’s advised that you cover the other drain with a rag or a towel to create a vacuum. In most situations, the cause of the blockage will pass in just a few tries. But if you’ve already worked your plunger for 2 to 3 minutes and you see very little or no improvement, try the next approach.

3. Remove the Drain Trap

This is a simple thing to do but it can be a little bit messy. First, position a bucket underneath the S-shaped pipe in the sink’s drain. Then with a large pair of pliers, gently turn the nut on the pipe. Once you’ve loosened the nut, finish the process with your hand only. Know that water may begin to leak out as you unscrew the nut. Once you have detached your pipe, check it for blockages. Use an object to push through it. If it isn’t blocked, assemble everything and try the next approach. In this case, the block is further down the drain pipe and requires a different method.

4. Snake Your Pipes Clean

A “snake” is a long flexible cable that could be run down through pipes to push a blockage out. Push this tool deep into the drain until you feel a re. Once you feel it, keep on pushing the tool gently to pass the the cause of the blockage.

After doing all of these methods and your kitchen sink do not show progress, you may need to get a professional. Contact Scott at guardian plumbing & gas in victoria to get the job done quickly, or click here.

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