How To Choose The Best Solar Energy System

With all the recent advances in technology at this time, producing viable and clean energy for use in your property is a reality now. Alternative sources of power and energy will not merely enable you to avoid burning fossil fuel to help provide electricity for your own home, but will also help you save a good deal of money on the cost of utility. One of these green energy sources is solar energy.

There are actually a number of different solar energy systems that are out there today. Since solar energy has grown to be more common and more viable in the past few years, developers have begun to develop different solar energy systems you are able to select from, according to your needs and limitations. Selecting a solar energy system which will fit best for your property is not necessarily an easy thing to do, which is the reason it is recommended for you to understand how to pick the best one so as to find the best kind of solar energy system for your home. Listed here are a couple of hints.

Know Your Solar Energy System

Firstly you have to ensure that you know what different solar energy systems out there that you can select from. Basically, there are two different types of solar energy systems, and these are the photovoltaic (PV) panels and solar thermal systems.

Photovoltaic Panels

Photovoltaic panels are solar energy panels that convert solar energy and transform them into electricity which you can use to power up the majority of your appliances and household lighting, and really should only be used for those particular uses. Unfortunatley, among the many solar energy systems which are in the market, photovoltaic panels are considered to be among the pricier ones, if not the most expensive in the solar energy market today. Don’t be disheartened, as you could get some at discounted price, check out Diy Solar Panels article for more details.

Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal systems, on the other hand, simply produce heat, and so are well-suited for boilers, furnaces and water heaters, as this kind of system allows you to make heat using direct solar energy with a lower cost compared to using conventional energy and electricity. However, if you need to retrofit your home with the solar thermal systems, you have to sacrifice some space in your house. The advantage of utilizing this kind of solar energy system though is because you will save up to 80% of your total energy cost annually.

Calculate Your Power Expense

After you have a much better understanding and grasp of the different solar energy systems are out there, and exactly how they work, you merely need to understand how to calculate the cost of your electricity consumption. This would actually show you how to determine which kind of solar energy system you should select from the two. When calculating the cost of your power consumption, you need to build a list of the whole set of devices that might need energy and electricity. Include appliances, lighting, water heating, space heating, space cooling and air conditioning. If possible, endeavor to figure out first if there are means that you can minimize your electricity and energy consumption without the need to resort to retrofitting your home with solar energy system.

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