How to Build Your Own Solar Panel System

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Building your own solar panel system is one of the most fun DIY projects you can ever take on, and can generate some significant solar power for your home. I’ll tell you what, it’s better than mowing the yard. I’d say the main reason I love making a solar panel is that the end product saves me money. They’re also not that hard to build. All you have to do is acquire a few parts and use some tools you probably have in the garage to construct everything.

Now, you can literally build your own solar panel system from raw materials, and use this to power your home with solar energy. But that’s not we’ll talk about here. What we’ll talk about is finding used solar cells to create your solar panels.

The process entails placing the solar cells that you started inside a wooden box you’ll make. Then you want to seal some type of glass or Plexiglas on top.

Of course, there’s more to making a solar panel than just these steps. But it is my aim for you to have a good grasp of the essentials here. You can get your hands on a how-to guide and follow all the instructions easily.

Once you’re done creating your solar panel, you can test how much electricity it generates. Then, you’ll want to scout around for a great place to put the panel. Rooftops are best, so observe which part of the roof gets the most sunlight throughout the day.

Your part world most likely has regulations, be sure to check to make sure you’re in compliance. In fact, if you can get good at this and make quite a few of them, you get a position to receive money from the utility company. Imagine a world where the utility company actually cuts you a check.

Okay that wasn’t so bad, now you’ve got a great understanding of what it takes to make solar panel. This project is more fun than any DIY project I’ve ever undertaken. And if you’ve got kids it’s a great opportunity to show them some things. You’re teaching them about environmental conservation as well as construction. It’s fantastic because everybody wins here.

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