How About Passive Solar Water Heater?

The popularity enjoyed by passive solar water heaters is much bigger than you might imagine. Unfortunately not many are aware of what they are or how they work. You might be faced with noticing one big tank inside a house and not being aware of its main purpose of being a good passive heating system. So what is a passive solar system? A plumber who also delt with hot water cylinders installation and spouting repair gave the info.

Passive solar technologies are systems that are using the power of the sun in order to obtain energy without adding extra mechanical systems. This appears in contrast with active solar technologies. This is one type of technology that is really useful in converting sun energy into heat in order to be used for heating purposes. The interesting fact is that extra energy sources are either not needed or minimally required. One common example we can give you is one solarium that is built on the southern side of any building. While we can even utilize passive cooling, this is one system that has the opposed main goal with the use of a similar principle. It can be used to reduce the cooling requirements we see during summer.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that a passive solar water heater system is actually an active system. A basic rule of thumb revolves around using conventional energy. If it is used to power pumps or fans then we do have one active system. There are also passive systems that use small amounts of conventional energy sources.

Passive water heater technologies based on solar power will include both direct and indirect solar gains for space heating purposes. Different heating systems exist. Some are based on therman mass while others on phase-change materials or thermosiphons. In a wider spread technologies that are a part of passive solar use will also include solar forges and solar furnaces. These are systems that do need an external energy source in order to align receivers or concentrating mirrors. In wide spread use they are actually pretty ineffective. The perfect way in implementing passive solar systems revolves around using energy needs of low grades.

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