Homemade Bird Feeders: Learning To Make Birdfeeders On Your Own

Homemade bird feeders do not only attract birds but can also serve as a suitable decoration in your lawn. Another means to relax is to watch birds fly around sitting in a comfortable chair. Imagine having a bunch of them in your lawn, flying, dancing, and singing. If you are one who loves birds, then you should definitely get a bird feeder in your home. You can obtain a bird feeder in two ways. Either you can make one on your own from scratch materials found in your home, or just simply buy one. A DIY bird feeder costs far less than purchasing one directly. Building one on your own does not only save you a bunch of money but it can also be a fun activity that you can do with the family. This article will teach you on how to build a bird feeder on your own.

You must prepare first the needed things before you can start building some homemade bird feeders. You can make use of an old plastic bottle, a few wires, and several wood sticks. The equipment that you can use to help you out is a drill but if you don’t have one, you can simply use a knife. After preparing the materials and equipment needed, you must first find a spot outside and mark it so you’ll know how long will the needed wire be. Don’t forget to clean the bottle thoroughly especially if it’s a soda bottle.

The first step in building homemade bird feeders is to drill a hole on each side of the bottle. After you have successfully put holes on each side, insert the stick. The stick will be used as a platform so the birds don’t have to fly around the bottle to feed. Drill another hole a few inches above the perch so the bird can feed on the seeds. This is how simple you can build one yourself. Use the wires to hang in the location that you have saved to hang the feeder.

If you plan to build homemade bird feeders using old plastic bottles, don’t forget to wash the bottles thoroughly because you don’t want pests to destroy your craft. Watching birds rest in your bird feeder can truly be a relaxing sight. Don’t forget to hang it high enough to prevent your dog from scaring the birds away.

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