Homemade Bird Feeders: A Quick Guideline Teaching How To Establish One

It would be cheaper if you build your own homemade bird feeders. There are a lot of materials in your home that you can use to make one. A bird feeder is particularly ideal to bird lovers. Usually you see one in the outside of a home. If done correctly, it will not only be an attraction to birds but can also be used for decorative purposes. The ways to build a bird feeder are as follows:

1. Preparing the materials is what you should do first. Old plastic bottles and styrofoam are some of the home materials that you can utilize. Some make a pinecone bird feeder. It all depends on your creativity.

2. Set a spot where you are going to place it. The ideal distance of homemade bird feeders is six feet above the ground so they won’t be picked on by your cats or those wild squirrels. Place a hook or you can simply just use the branch of a tree. This is so that you can just place your bird feeder immediately after you are done with it.

3. The next step is to create your bird feeder. If you are using old plastic bottles, what you need to do is simply create holes on each side. Then insert the wood on each end, others even make use of wooden spoons. This is so that there is a platform where the bird can stand on while feeding on the seeds. There are individuals that do not have the time to build a bird feeder so they simply just buy a pre-built one and then just paint it. Purchasing it directly can save you time and effort. The only thing that you are going to miss if you purchase it directly is the fun of building it on your own.

4. Homemade bird feeders are best hanged. When you are done constructing and drying out the paint, you can now go to the spot that you have marked and hang it there. It must be tightly secured. This is very important especially if you have made the plastic bottle bird feeder.

Creating homemade bird feeders is not hard especially if you are a skilled craftsman. Even if you are not one of those who can craft images out of wood, you can still make a bird feeder on your own with the use of regular, used home materials such as old plastic bottles. A successful bird feeder will turn out as an additional decor and also a spot where birds can gather and feed.

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