Here Is Why The ETQ TG72K12 Portable Generator Is One Of The Best Out There

Key Features of The ETQ TG72K12 Portable Generator

The ETQ TG72K12 portable generator is a fantastic machine that is strong, dependable, high quality, and safe to use on most all of your electronic devices. You’ll find the ETQ can be used in a variety of different situations from emergencies to recreational use. Here are a few ways that this unit really rises to the top.

1. You Won’t Have Any Trouble Moving It.

The solid rubber tires make it very easy to roll around. They are perfect for heavy machinery like this portable generator. It also has a handle to make it easy to push. Although it’s heavy, moving it around is not difficult at all. When you need to lift it up you’ll find a special bracket. The bracket lets you use a mini-crane or cherry picker. However, if you do not have a crane or cherry picker, you can get some help from other people to lift it into your truck or RV.

2. Efficient Use of Fuel

It also has an auto throttle that makes it throttle either up or down depending on the load that is attached to it. This is the feature that enables it to increase in efficiency because it automatically increases the run time of the generator. When the run time is increased, then the machine uses less fuel to complete the task.

3. Well Priced

The ETQ TG72K12 is a real bargain for all of the features you get. You can find the ETQ for under $800 in most stores. A great price for a portable generator that can produce over 8,250 watts of power. For other generators in this category that is a really good price. You will also find that many retailers will offer free shipping, which is pretty amazing considering this unit weighs over 210 pounds.

3. Simple Controls

You’ll find all of the operating functions you need on the control panel. You can easily see the fuel gauge that will tell you whenever you run low on fuel. There is also an hour meter telling you how long you’ve been running your ETQ. There no need to guess at anything with these dials. It’s always good to have an exact reading.

4. Safe to use

If the oil levels drop too low, the ETQ will automatically shut off. If there are any other major problems this will happen as well. These safety features prevent harm to the user and to the generator as well. If generators don’t have these safety features, running them with low oil can cause major accidents and damage, including fire.

5. Top Quality and Long Lasting

The TG72K12 is built strong to last a very long time if maintained properly. You can use it in for many different tasks and it will not break down easily. You do not have to buy a new machine for every new task.

Truly, the ETQ TG72K12 portable generator is a good machine. It’s very important to have the highest quality machine you can get because so much depends on it. You can find the ETQ at many online retailers.

Be sure to check out to learn even more about the ETQ TG72K12 portable generator. You are certain to find the one you want when you check out the portable generator reviews they have on the site. You can read up on all of the top makes and models.

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